Tuesday, 22 May 2012

YOu know the one right around the block

Hello Universe!!!
YAhhhhh this is not a post about me being seriously sorry that I haven't posted all year, and it's because I've been busy. Yes, I've been busy but didn't you read my second to last post. I've been busy elsewhere. But it seems the computer wants you to come here and I have nothing to share, except these amazing things I did ELSEWHERE. So here are links to it all..Also this is for the people looking for the Magenta Lightning interview. Though you probably read it all on Emily's blog.
Interview with Emma Orlow
Interview with Emily McEnroe
Be My Rebel Girlll
Interview with Sasha Berliner

Friday, 30 December 2011

Rewritten: Changes

After heavily thinking about it, I realised my past post titled Changes was really stupid. Like I made it sound too abandonment creepy. Anyway, I'm not abandoning anyone. I'm just moving. There's been a change of name and location, but it's all going to be mad old me. So join me and let's carry this journey. Cos it's going to be soo awesome.

P.S. Did anyone see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol?? It was the boomb-diggedy!!!!
Keep talking! Say Anything

Friday, 23 December 2011

My Fashion Notes

Try the classic white shirt with a bold iacket, some boyfriend jeans, and a strong belt.
"Being happy and exuding confidence is always in fashion"-Marc Jacobs. If you're uncomfortable in something you can't look good in it. It's like trying to dance with a stick up your donkey tonk. It's no fun.
"Wear whatever you want, whenever you want." IF you want to wear shorts and tights to school, go ahead. The fun story comes later. With fashion you have to experiment because it's such a huge and expansive thing, that limiting yourself to just one aspect is sad. Nowadays it seems as most of us resist to look like everyone else. Because seriously there's no fun in that. For me I like to shop at Abercrombie and Hollister and American Eagle, but I always try and make it my own by wearing it with something thrifted or in just the way I want to wear it. I've learnt that style doesn't come from what label or brand you're wearing but it's how you wear it. Nostalgia is a big part of my style choices. I like to pick things that make me feel comfortable and I feel comfortable in memories. The things that built me to the person I am today. It's something I like to carry around and I like it to reflect in my clothes. My whole viewpoint on fashion changed after reading a Nostalgia piece in Vogue's November 2011 issue. One thing I take from it, is to always wear perfume which is something I've taken to. At the moment I'm wearing Versace Red Jean Woman but I also like Marc Jacobs Lola, VS Angel, and Chanel's Chance. I don't really have a signature smell because I love lots of different smells, which in reality do not all blend well together. I gather inspiration mostly just from magazines, but I've taken to street style and red carpets and anything I can get my hands one and just have fun with it.
At first I used to look at older celebrities or fashion stars for style inspiration and then try and work it into my like, teenage life, but I really like that now there are people I can look up to that are my age because then it doesn't feel weird. It's almost like asking my best friend for style advice.
9Oh Land Musician Style - shoes

Book Of Names: NylonMag, Vanessa Jackman,Sea of Shoes, Refinery29

Tuesday, 20 December 2011


At some point in life a person changes. Small changes may be made, drastic changes may be made. I've been feeling a bit dooze on the woozle lately and I after some thinking I feel like I need to go back to square 1. I need to be able to understand myself and do all kinds of buisness. I don't know what will happen but I just hope that I have a better perception of myself after it.  Moving on I've decided to test out my writing chops on Tumblr because I'm a lot more comfortable with it. There'll be a couple of posts this week that I have already scheduled but everything else is bye, bye. I liked doing this blog, I messed about with the templates and did all kinds of stuff. And I'm not going to stop, I'm just doing it somewhere else. So ciao, in many words and I hope you enjoy my jewels.

After I Come Back

After a not so delightful absence I return to the place they call Internet. Never will I leave it again. On my return I encountered love more extraordinary than powdered hearts and so it's important my post be a random one, not whole and solid like it usually isn't and I'm just gonna have some fun with it.
At Refinery29 I find news of Boy by Band of Outsiders, where the designer,Scott Sternberg , loves Diane Keaton and her style in the Woody Allen film,  Manhattan. It was an inspiration for his latest collection. And I may not have seen Manhattan but the collection might just convince me to go find it.

Leandra then goes on to discuss the letterman jacket, which I have fawned over for a couple of months now. She reverts us back to Rag and Bone Fall 2011 and I think of my wishes that a little something from Rag and Bone would land on my doorstep soon... She also exhibited a awesome pick from Alexander Wang, which I'm sure will convince you in ways hypnotism won't.

I haven't looked at much Pre-Fall shows except one  Burberry one long ago, but I kept my eye out for my favorites. Seeing that Rag and Bone's is out and they're my favorite above all favorites, or maybe just after Prada/Miu Miu I went on the webby web web and found the looks and picked my favorites.The presence of turbans was enthralling and certainly made me happy as I still search for the right scarf.I'm not one for leather dresses but this one looks too spectacular to pass up.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Miuccia Prada

My adoration for Miuccia Prada is one that has never wavered. Whether it's bold prints at Prada or glitter dipped pumps at Miu Miu, Miuccia has captured my heart. At fifeteen she was already 'dreaming of pink shoes, red shoes, and pink dresses', though her mother preferred her to wear simple brown shoes. But all Prada could dream of was color. All of this is very evident in the clothes she creates. In 1970 as she protested (she was involved in political sciences) with fellow "revolutionaries" Prada adorned herself in vintage dresses and Courreges, while everybody else wore the "revolutionary" uniform  of jeans and tees. As one of the most influential designers ever, Prada brings something to the table we all crave. She brings personality. Her clothes aren't made with design in mind, but with inspiration. It's a new kind of sunlight. That's probably 90% of the reason I can't get enough. There's a nostalgic impact that one will eventually feel. Whether in the present or the future. It's magic.-AA

Prada Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Friday, 16 December 2011

What I resort toin boredom

This is just a picture from the summer
Don't wonder
You're sure to grow fonder
It's going from color to black and white
But's that the only way to
capture it's light


iIt's really funny because I was looking forward to vacation thinking of all the stuff I was going to do. Now I'm actually in the trenches of vacation, I realised that my three weeks at home are going to be dull.   It also makes me realise that I'm definitely one of those library people. And so I'm even more mad that the library feels the need to close during the holidays. It's BS I tell you!! It's not fair to those of us who's sisters go off to work all day, and we wake up at 7am even though it's vacation, and our day stretches further than stretchy putty. That's just me then. Everybody around me is looking forward to this time, obviously because it's filled with presents and love and all that warmth you only feel during December. But you know what I'm feeling? I'm feeling that my jaw hurts, my public library's collection is pitiful and if I have to reread a book again I will scream, and I seriously miss my best friends who all have cool plans for vacation. But obviously I can't say that out loud because it'll make me sound ungrateful. Obviously is my new favourite word. Anyway, yesterday while trying to create art in the least artful place since white walls, I flipped through the Michelle Obama Vogue from, like 2009. I found some cool stuff that re-energised the reason I'm in love with fashion and found lots to share, so on I go to share so I don't hop like a hare, or hibernate like a bear. I just love it when I rhyme, especially when I'm sitting in a chair.


 As Prada Spring 2011 has nothing to do with the Obama issue, I just had to include it because truly I have fallen in love again. The first time I fell for Prada was for Spring 2011 and I could never look back. This is definitely the sprig of nostalgia I need to keep me going.

The thing I was reminded of in the Obama issue though was Dree Hemingway's sound piece of advice in the Index. "Glamour doesn't need to break the bank." This statement has proved true with one of many fashion mavens, and also is the best encouragement I could ever have. Along with some great words from Agathe Born I've come to realise that when I shop, I'm really looking for the basics. A skirt with multiple colours that I can wear with different solid colour tops. A blazer, that will keep me warm at all times but still look dapper over a pair of denim cutoffs from Pacsun. And also believing in my will to create style without losing touch because I fear some kind of rejection. Because the one thing that makes me feel glamorous is looking like myself and feeling comfortable. Meaning the Hollister tee and thrifted maxi skirt 'm donning at the moment, is the best since pre-sliced cheese.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Audrey Hepburn

If I told you that I hated Audrey Hepburn and I didn't see her talent, I would be lying to you. Because in fact, I love Audrey even though I've seen her in only two movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's and My Fair Lady. I feel th need to honor her in some way because she is a personal style icon and she's filled with a beauty that's hard to find nowadays. Thanks for being beautiful.

Audrey was first featured in Vogue in November 1951.
With her bat-wing brows, luminous doe eyes, and disarmingly broad grin, she was the effervescent girl everyone fell for. Her riches-to-rags-to-riches life story was itself the stuff of a movie script: Although her mother was a baroness, Audrey had suffered from malnutrition as a ballet student in Nazi-occupied Holland, where she danced to earn money for the resistance until she grew too weak to continue. Due in part to these privations—which diminished her muscle tone— she was forced to abandon her dream of becoming a ballerina. Though crushed, she turned to acting, and discovered what was fated to be her true métier. “It is always a dramatic moment when the Phoenix rises anew from its ashes,” the photographer Cecil Beaton wrote in Vogue of the ingenue in 1954. “For if ‘queens have died young and fair,’ they are also reborn, appearing in new guises which often create their own terms of appreciation.”From black cigarette pants worn with schoolboy pullovers to headscarves worn with oversize sunglasses, the fads she sparked are too many to enumerate.-From Voguepedia

I've researched her style myself, and I think she is the perfect definition of classic. As my sister says about Celine, Audrey Hepburn's style is "simple but complex". There's no way of describing it, only because it does all the talking for you. It's my kind of style and it's maybe part of the reason I love Hepburn more than small things.

Audrey Hepburn in part of a small series I'm thinking of doing about fashion greats, at least the ones found in Voguepedia. Smiles all around.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Happiness is All I Need

Finished  two tests today. Got let out of school at 11:15am and danced all the way saying bye bye prison. It had to be the best bitchin' day ever. Today I allow myself to veer off track and use all kinds of French. Not really but... I'm really happy due to the fact that I am free from what they call oppression but I  just call non-qualified teachers. In honor of my happiness I'm going to blab on about the next best thing to happiness. Happiness and the internet and clothes. The combination is almost deathly. One thing I love to do is look through blogger archives to see how they've grown or just see what it was about them I didn't like and why I seem to like them now. Etc.Etc.Etc. But I'm not going to share that with you because I just can't be bothered because I'm happy.
If you've ever watched The Hills, you know Emily Weiss. If you read IntotheGloss you know Emily Weiss. I very much agree that Emily knows about beauty but I also know that she knows lots about dressing. Take polish outfit with navy tux. She's wearing all black so she might as well have topped it off with white but she doesn't. She goes on and adds a navy tux(navy clothes and I are the best of friends) and looks chic and elegant and great all at the same time. Put in the factor she can pull of those jeans and the girl is capturing hearts outside of the office.emily-weiss-into-the-gloss-dolce-gabbana.jpgThis Dolce and Gabanna dress just proves my point to the intense maxium of proving points. imageimageimageimageimageWhat I loved about Mulberry Resort 2012: The quirky little graphics, the sweet chambray, and the fact that it was very English. But really. It was beautiful in ways that are complex but need no explanation. I feel this way about many things and those are the things I usually take them and bother crap about you know? Because truly and sincerely I would never do a post about Alturazza because though at times I can say, ooh I like that! I can never say, OMFG! ALTURAZZA. I don't even think I spelt it right.

There was one short point in my short life where I wanted to decorate my bedroom based on time. I was obsessed with color palettes and embellishments, matching sheets and pillows. Then I actually looked around and realised that was never going to happen because I'm not that kind of person. I like my room to be comfortable and to I also want my room to describe myself. Meaning, there should be some kind of neat clutter, lots of books, a radio, and things I can write with. My room is like a work space and lounge combination. I definitely need a radio in my room, not because of my LOVe for music or the fact that I like to keep in tune, but I hate empty silence. It's way too eerie for me. I cannot sit in my bedroom alone with no music on. It's probably why I know all the lyrics to most of my favorite songs. Or the fact I don't have a life. Also my room has to smell nice because I just love the smell of scents. Nice, homey-gomey scents you know?? Here's a look at things that would fit really well in my room:

While I know there's no radio, these are just basic essentials for the room. Really all I need is neat clutter and books to fill my time. And of course, chocolate.
I find Marloes Horst to be a beautiful model and I'm not sure how old she is but she's like one of those peer inspirations...
In the Glamour editorial I first peeped her in. That sounds peeping Tom scary.
Now my eyes are getting tired and throat dry. I'm going to find some books to read and hope you don't cry.

photo gallery thanks to...WhoWhatWear, NYMag, Telegraph Fashion, Street Peeper,