Friday, 23 December 2011

My Fashion Notes

Try the classic white shirt with a bold iacket, some boyfriend jeans, and a strong belt.
"Being happy and exuding confidence is always in fashion"-Marc Jacobs. If you're uncomfortable in something you can't look good in it. It's like trying to dance with a stick up your donkey tonk. It's no fun.
"Wear whatever you want, whenever you want." IF you want to wear shorts and tights to school, go ahead. The fun story comes later. With fashion you have to experiment because it's such a huge and expansive thing, that limiting yourself to just one aspect is sad. Nowadays it seems as most of us resist to look like everyone else. Because seriously there's no fun in that. For me I like to shop at Abercrombie and Hollister and American Eagle, but I always try and make it my own by wearing it with something thrifted or in just the way I want to wear it. I've learnt that style doesn't come from what label or brand you're wearing but it's how you wear it. Nostalgia is a big part of my style choices. I like to pick things that make me feel comfortable and I feel comfortable in memories. The things that built me to the person I am today. It's something I like to carry around and I like it to reflect in my clothes. My whole viewpoint on fashion changed after reading a Nostalgia piece in Vogue's November 2011 issue. One thing I take from it, is to always wear perfume which is something I've taken to. At the moment I'm wearing Versace Red Jean Woman but I also like Marc Jacobs Lola, VS Angel, and Chanel's Chance. I don't really have a signature smell because I love lots of different smells, which in reality do not all blend well together. I gather inspiration mostly just from magazines, but I've taken to street style and red carpets and anything I can get my hands one and just have fun with it.
At first I used to look at older celebrities or fashion stars for style inspiration and then try and work it into my like, teenage life, but I really like that now there are people I can look up to that are my age because then it doesn't feel weird. It's almost like asking my best friend for style advice.
9Oh Land Musician Style - shoes

Book Of Names: NylonMag, Vanessa Jackman,Sea of Shoes, Refinery29


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